NTT Global Sourcing was established in 2018 by NTT to drive impactful financial results through cross-company collaboration, strategic partnerships, and world-class sourcing practices. NTT Global Sourcing's vision is to become the trusted sourcing innovator for every NTT Operating Company by maximizing the power of One NTT.

Our strategy is to align with and work in close partnership with key NTT Operating Companies to leverage the collective sell to, sell through and sell with activities of NTT's top, global suppliers. This allows NTT Global Sourcing to establish global agreements with the best possible terms and conditions, discounts, rebates and other incentives such as investments for training and marketing activities.

Since the company was established, the company has helped negotiate global framework agreements with multiple IT, Services and Indirect global suppliers on behalf of One NTT.

NTT Global Sourcing Vision, Mission and Values

NTT Global Sourcing's work is underpinned by our vision, mission and values. This framework - a representation of who we are as a company - was designed and built by our employees. It was created in close alignment with NTT's vision, but represents NTT Global Sourcing's collective commitment to our colleagues who work in other NTT Operating Companies.